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Top 5 Tips to Make Morning with Toddlers a Breeze!

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Does it ever feel like it takes you forever to get the kids ready and out of the house in the morning? I usually plan our outings for the morning time, to allow for my youngest to have a good nap once we are home. So we really try to maximize the time we can spend out having fun. This requires a bit of preparation!  Otherwise the morning dwindles away while I’m gathering all our things and tying to get us all out the door. If you’ve ever found yourself rushing around in the mornings, then feeling like you’re playing catch-up all day, this is for you! Every one of my mornings was like that, until I started planning ahead. Here are my top 5 tips to make morning with toddlers a breeze!

Top 5 Tips to Make Morning with Toddlers a Breeze!


Shower at night. This took me a while to figure out. I used to shower in the mornings, but since switching to nights, I can have so much more time in the mornings!

Wake up early. Give yourself enough time to get ready before your kids wake up. For me this means waking up at 5:30am. I can get myself ready, eat my breakfast, and prep theirs too, all before they wake up. The bonus: I can drink my coffee uninterrupted, while it’s still hot at this time!

Prep lunch in the morning. Either I pack up the lunch to take with us when we go out, or it’s ready in the fridge when we get home. It saves me from going through a drive-through for them in desperation when I know there’s food waiting for them. No matter how many snacks I pack for them, they’re ALWAYS HUNGRY (HANGRY?) for lunch.

Pack your diaper bag/backpack the night before. Include all the necessities: changes of clothes, snacks, water, etc. This only takes a few minutes but if I forget to do it the night before, I always forget SOMETHING if I try to pack it while the kids are awake.

Invest in some kid friendly learning clocks. My 3 year old has the Gro-Clock, I love it! He’s learned that if he wakes up and his clock is still showing a blue star, it’s not time to wake up yet. He hangs out in his bed chatting with his stuffed animals until his clock turns into a yellow sun at 7:00am. By then I’ve finished all the morning prep, and I’ve had at least one and a half cups of coffee.  And that’s a win in my books!


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What do you think of my morning tips? What do you do differently or the same? Do you wake up early for some quiet prep time too?
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