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My Daily Stay At Home Mom Routine

My early days of motherhood constantly felt chaotic and unorganized. It’s so hard to get anything done when you don’t have a clear plan set out for your day. Need a little inspiration into organizing your time? Look no further. Here’s my daily stay at home mom routine!

A typical day for us would look something like this:

5:30am: My husband and I both wake up…ok, in all honesty, my alarm actually goes off at 5:10, and a few snoozes later I’m up!

5:30-6:00am: My husband makes a big egg scramble for us, while I’m in the bathroom putting on a bit of makeup and quickly straightening any kinks out of my bed-hair. I make the coffee when I join him in the kitchen, and we sit down and eat breakfast together.

6:00-7:00am: I drink my coffee and tidy anything left out from the night before. I clean up from our breakfast and start the kids breakfast prep. I also try to start lunch prep for the kids: I’ll make sandwiches to pack with us if we are going out, or to keep in the fridge when we are home.

7:00am: This is usually when the kids wake up (thank you Gro-Clock!). I get them dressed into their day clothes right after the morning diaper change or toilet visit. They eat their breakfast while I read them some stories at the table.

7:30am: I tidy up from breakfast. This is also when I’ll start any laundry that needs washing or sweep up the main living area. We don’t have a TV (more on that in a future post!) so the kids play with their toys or look through books together.

8:00am: Kids teeth brush/face wash etc. They pick out a few toys to bring in the truck with us.

8:15am: Put the laundry into dry. And by this time we are usually ready to go out! We love going to the beach to throw rocks in the water, to the harbor to watch the float planes and sailboats, to visit the local trails or parks. We also go to the local drop in play groups or learning centers, as well as weekly visits to the public library.

12:00pm: Arrive home, sit down for lunch. The kids have some playtime while I tidy up.

1:00-3:00pm: My youngest naps every day still. My 3 year old hardly ever naps anymore, but he still likes to have some quiet playtime in his room. I try take that time get anything done that’s not great to do with little ones around… like sorting laundry for example (they love to “help” unmake the piles). My 3 year old usually lasts about 20-30 minutes of independent play so after that he’s out helping me and playing in the living room. I prep for dinner during this time too!

4:30pm: My husband comes home. He takes over with the kids, reading stories and talking about their days, while I finish making dinner.

5:00pm: Dinner and cleanup, followed by open playtime (yep, we really don’t have a TV), or walk around the neighborhood.

6:30pm: We start getting the kids ready for bed and story time. We get the kids to participate in the “clean up game” of their toys as well.

7:15pm: Goodnight routines and the kids are tucked into bed.

Often I’ll try to attend an evening yoga class. Otherwise, I work on my blog or have a glass of wine with my husband.


Is your stay at home mom routine similar? Do you have any tips to share? Comment below, I’d love to hear!



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