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Gift Guide For The Natural-Minded New Mama

When going to visit a new baby, everyone always shows up with armfuls of gifts. If you know the new mama is more natural-minded, make your gift extra personal by adding some touches you know she will appreciate. 

Here are some natural-minded gift ideas for the glowing new mama:

Lactation Tea: I loved Mother’s Milk by Traditional Medicinals! Full of fennel, fenugreek, and blessed thistle herbs, which the Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation notes as beneficial for increasing breastmilk supply.  The taste was great (think licorice!) and it really helped boost my supply. 

Lactation Granola Bars:  Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows has a new version of her granola bars up on her site that’s specifically tailored to assist with milk production! The new mama is sure to appreciate anything homemade, and she’s going to be snacking like crazy too. Win Win! Make up a batch or two (they freeze amazing) and wrap them up with a cute label.

Natural Baby Care Products: Some seriously great brands are out there, and if you look around you’re sure to find something local to your area too. Most traditional baby care products don’t have natural ingredients, so it’s nice to be gifted these types of items without harmful chemicals. There are also pages of Pinterest tutorials for making your own baby skin care products if you want to make it extra personal!

Skin Care Products For The New Mama: Her body just went through something incredible, and it needs some love too! Some luxurious bath salts, a body polish, or even a new face serum can do wonders for making her feel renewed. A gift she will love is toxin free natural deodorant! Check out my post for DIY Natural Baking Soda Free Deodorant.

Wood and Natural Silicone Teethers: Etsy is a perfect resource for these handmade items. High quality teethers are a must, simply because of the nature of their job. Something that’s meant to go in a baby’s mouth shouldn’t have to include toxins.

Super Soft Organic Cotton Washcloths: Fresh baby skin is so delicate! The new mama will love this, and will likely end up borrowing them for herself as well.

Handmade Bandana Bibs and Burp Cloths: You can find plenty of Pinterest tutorials for these super easy to sew items. I’ll say it again, she will love anything handmade! There’s something so special and personal about handmade items. Even if they’re made for catching spit-up.

Nursery Decor: If you know the theme or color scheme of the new baby’s nursery, you could frame some cute prints to add to the walls, or even craft a wooden mobile or beautiful dream catcher.

And this one applies to ALL NEW MAMAS:

Make a Freezer Friendly Home Cooked Meal: Her fridge might already be stocked with goodies from other visitors, but bringing her something she can throw in the freezer to use in the coming weeks is a great idea. Think lasagnas and casseroles, as well as easy to freeze goodies like protein granola bites and banana breads. 

What are your favorite items to gift to a new mama? Comment and share below!

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