Start a Gratitude Journal, Improve Your Mindset

Starting a Gratitude Journal can improve your mindset in as little as 5 minutes a day.

In today’s over-scheduled, over-worked world, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the daily grind. Most of us rush through the day, only to collapse into bed at night, mentally and physically exhausted. In doing so, we tend to focus on the negatives of our day. Often that’s even the only part that we share with our partner at the end of a long day: all the things that went wrong. 

When we continue in this mindset day after day, it’s really difficult to find the good in the small moments, which can really drag you down! So, how does a gratitude journal help? It totally switches up your mindset, allowing you to focus on all the small, awesome parts of your day.

A Gratitude Journal is a super-simple, and highly effective way to end your day on a positive note!

So how do you start one?

You can find really great gratitude journals full of prompts online, but you don’t necessarily need one. All you need to get started is a small notebook. At the end of each day, set aside 5 minutes you can dedicate to your gratitude practice. 

Then, simply list 3 things that you are grateful for that day. They can be big, broad things like your health or your family. They can also be smaller things, like the smile of your child on the swings at the park or the big hug they give you at the end of their day.


There's no wrong way to do it, so don't overthink it. It's just for you!

Over time, you’ll notice something pretty awesome: you start to find more joy in these little moments as they are happening throughout your day. You notice something you’re grateful for as it’s happening and you can appreciate it a little bit more. How great would it be if you and your partner started exchanging the parts of your day you’re grateful for instead of solely negativity? Can you imagine how your mindset would shift if you let go of the negative and focused on all the ways your day/life/job is awesome? A gratitude journals helps you do just that.

Alternatively, you can also find heaps of resources  on Pinterest for gratitude journal prompts that delve a little deeper when you have some extra time. Creating and holding space for yourself goes a long way in the journey of self care and mindfulness, and a gratitude journal of any form is a great place to start.

Do you have a gratitude practice? What does it look like?
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  • Tina D

    I love this! I started writing in journals years ago and shifted to a gratitude journal simply because it helped me when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Rather than writing about all that I wanted to change or found difficult in life I wrote down a list of every single thing I was thankful for and I mean everything because some days it was hard to see- I found reading it out loud helped me- like a proclamation. Being thankful intentionally helps me learn to live “in the moment” and realize that so many awesome, joyful moments can be missed. When I started doing this, I found it easier to just naturally notice these beautiful moments. I believe it can change the way we view life and live life. It is a simple practice yet very powerful.

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