Forest Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking to add some variety to a walk through the woods, a forest scavenger hunt is a great way to do it!


My boys really enjoy doing forest scavenger hunts. Usually they are fairly spur of the moment, which means that as we walk through the woods I call out things to find. I decided to make it a bit more exciting for them by creating our own forest scavenger hunt printable, with large, easily identifiable images perfect for little explorers.




The twelve items on our hunt are all super common in wooded areas, so it’s pretty easy for them to find them all… which makes everyone happy!

Typically, we use either a bowl or an egg carton and put the items in as we go along – aside from the snail and slug of course!




I’ve created both a Forest Scavenger Hunt coloring page, as well as a full color version. The coloring page version is a great way to make the fun last a bit longer, and they can customize it to mix it up each time: are we going to look for a green fern today? Or how about a brown fern? A white feather, or a multi-colored one?



You can find the coloring page Forest Scavenger Hunt HERE.

The full color Forest Scavenger Hunt is HERE.


I hope you and your little ones have fun exploring the woods, and let me know how your scavenger hunt goes!


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