Aligning Your Actions With Your Priorities

A few years ago, my family and I were living in a cozy home in a subdivision. It was a nice neighborhood, a mere five minutes from any store or restaurant we might need. 

It also happened to be on the corner of a busy intersection, with a traffic light right outside our living room window. All evening long we would hear the rev of trucks taking off on the green light or tires screeching around the corner.

We started to reevaluate what our intentions were in regards to our home and our lifestyle.

Our annoyance with the intersection outside our home was echoed by our feelings of being in a city that felt too big, too busy, too hectic, and with too much violence and crime.

Everything suddenly became very clear to us: we were tired of keeping up with the busy pace of life that seemed to be everyone’s new normal. At the time, my husband was in traffic for over 3 hours every day during his commute to work. He would often get home after I’d put our one year old and our newborn to bed for the night. Those make for some long mama days, let me tell you.

We dreamed of having some land and fresh air, with our kids spending long days outside playing in dirt with the warmth of sunshine on their faces. We dreamed of taking a collective deep breath and slowing down in life, instead of speeding up. We wanted to grow our own food, raise a few farm animals, and work towards self sufficiency.

We knew that city life wasn’t the right fit for us. So one day, we decided to go for it, and we knew exactly where we wanted to go. My husband found a new job and we put our house up for sale.

The path from that day to our current home was a year in the making, but let me tell you, it was worth it. 

Our priorities: these guys!

Our home rests on five acres of forested land. We are surrounded by tall trees, with a river across the way. At night we can hear the water rushing by. My husband is home for a family dinner every night, and can tuck the boys into bed after a few (or ten) bedtime stories. We have chickens running around the yard, toy dump trucks full of rocks and dirt all over the property, a full woodshed to get us through winter, and our boys live just fine without a TV. Two years ago I never would have thought we could make this kind of life  possible, but today I am beyond grateful.

I’m sharing all of this because often, my husband and I look across the room at each other, and over a smile we say “we did it…” because we turned our dream into a reality.

It was by no means easy. It took really, really hard work. And quite a few tearful breakdowns on my part. 

I just finished reading Rachel Hollis’s Girl, Wash Your Face. It’s a super inspirational self help read aimed at motivating women to make changes in areas of their life that are holding them back.

No one else cares about your dreams more than you do. So recognize this, and start to make changes to get to where you want to be in life. It sounds over simplified, but in reality, that’s all it is. You can’t wish for change and expect it to happen.

You’re tired of being over scheduled and exhausted all the time? Set your boundaries and learn to say no. Fed up with comparing yourself to other moms? Look at your happy, healthy little ones as proof you’re doing it right for them. Wish you could turn your side hustle into your full time gig? What’s stopping you-what others might think? That you might fail? Exactly. Big dreams are scary because we want them so much. But they aren’t going to happen by themselves. 

If you need more inspiration, go read the book, then start looking at whether or not your actions are lining up with your priorities.

For my husband and I, we are just getting started! Taking it one goal at a time, we plan to create a functioning homestead within a few years.

Have you ever thought about what's holding you back? What if you decided to just go for it?


  • Karis

    First of all, sorry for not responding earlier. I always read your posts as soon as I get them in my inbox, and I plan to go back and respond but usually forget 🤦‍♀️ Sorry!

    I LOVE this! (And pictures are great, by the way!) My journey is very similar to yours and it feels SO GOOD to be living more intentionally and as you said, more in line with my priorities. And thanks for the book recommendation- I have seen it around and will definitely add it to my “must-reads” 👍🏻 Thanks!

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