All You Need Is Love

If a relationship could have a theme song (really, who says it can’t?), this would be ours.

I can say with certainty that my husband has always been a Beatles fan – his archaic hotmail account included “beatles” in the email address. When we first moved in together, he had a ratty Sgt. Pepper’s t-shirt with holes so bad the neckline was coming detached from the shirt. Thinking I was the best girlfriend ever, I spent hours online finding him the exact same shirt to replace his beloved. And, of course, when it arrived he was appreciative… but continued to wear the original.

I remember as a kid I got a hold of my dad’s cassette tape briefcase (anyone else remember those?), and I listened to The Beatles over and over. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds was my favorite. 

When wedding planning, I found an invitation  template with “all you need is love” in a lovely script, and I fell in love with it instantly. 

What a wonderful message.

From there, we received a few gifts with these words, and they’ve since decorated our walls. Each time we read them we are reminded of the simplicity of them.

It may seem oversimplified, and that’s okay. 

But for us, all you need is love. 

It doesn’t matter where we live, what our finances are like, what the day holds for us.

At the end of a long day, when the kids were crazy and my husband worked late, when life feels overwhelming and like we can never catch a break… one of us will smile and say it…

All you need is love.

And love is all you need.

(a bit behind the game on a love themed post, I’ll admit)

Remember to tell your people you love them, often. You can’t say it enough.



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