Finding the Silver Lining

With everything going on these days, it’s fairly easy to get overwhelmed with the negativity circulating. The media is streaming constant updates, creating uncertainty and fear in our daily lives. And while our regular routines have been mostly tossed out the window, this forced slowing down of life can be seen as the silver lining… a time to reconnect, to take time for yourself, and to appreciate what your life has brought you.

So, here’s a gentle reminder (for myself as well) to use this time to reset your being. Focus on what you can control and what you are able to do with your day.

Here’s a few tips to make the most of your government mandated slow-down:


  1. Simplify. Ok, easier said than done. But, if you find yourself at home more, now is a great time to declutter and simplify your home. Kids toys and dresser drawers overflowing? Time to get out some bins and set aside the ones destined for donating. On my list for decluttering is my kitchen drawers and cupboards. How did I end up with so many kitchen tools I barely use?
  2. Online Library Resources. Our local library has a huge selection of ebooks and audiobooks. I love putting on an audiobook during my morning routine before the kids are up! Right now I’m listening to Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, M.Ed. It’s all about simplifying a child’s life to give them more time and space to well… be a kid. There’s also ebooks for kids, but I find these to be too much like watching videos as they animate the illustrations… so I’m not really a fan of them. 
  3. Take up a new hobby – or rediscover an old one. I’ve ordered some linen fabric that I’m really excited about and I’m going to try my hand at sewing a few of my own clothing items. I’ll post about that in the future!
  4. Grow something – even if you don’t have space for a flower or vegetable garden, you can pot up some herbs for a bright window.
  5. Get moving – go for regular walks or jogs! There’s also plenty of free at home workout apps to keep you moving. The Nike Training App is my favorite – you create custom workout plans including strength, endurance, and yoga workouts. Not only is exercise good for the body, the mind benefits immensely as well!
  6. Keep a gratitude journal – This will really help you to to focus on all the good in your life right now!  You can read more about gratitude journals here
  7. Meditate – Now is a great time to take up this daily practice. You can use an app for this as well, if that’s more your jam, or you can simply sit and breathe. Notice any thoughts that drift across your mind, without judgement, and send them away.

How are you making the most of your time these days?


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